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29 November 2010 @ 09:47 pm
All the roads in the country are jammed, the trains are late, and it's cold as shit. It took my mom 6 hours to come home from work, and she works only 30 kms away. And it might be as cold as -20C tomorrow.
Fuck. This. Continent. Sometimes.
I guess I have something to show... *scrapes the bottom of the barrel*Collapse )
In other news, I'm almost done with the The Witcher pentalogy, and as goddamn impressed as I am, why do all my favorite characters have to die? COME BACK TO ME, CRANKY ARCHER LADY. COME BACK AND TELL EVERYONE HOW MUCH THEY SUCK. :C
But still, these books are excellent, dense with characters who are still fleshed out, even those that appear only for several chapters or so, the politics are twisted, and the world is approriately medieval in the most cruel way. Best fantasy books I've ever read.

I'm also reading Strangetown, Here We Come, and color me surprised. Reading that the author has actually been published several times explains somweha how such great characterization ended up in a The Sims 2 story. Akjfhfdsff, best characters ever.

Recommendation time is over. I'm bak to wailing at the snow in my backyard.
Man oh man, I'm nervous. My school starts on september 30th and I have no idea what do to, where to go, at what hour AJSDKJSDFJKD. And nobody picks up the goddamn phone. I also quite clearly won't be able to finish my dribing lessons, so I will have to go back to Siedlce for several weekends. Splendid.  I hate having unfinished businessess, I can't even enjoy the last few days of summer that I have left.
Also, I was sorta-kinda late with paying for my school, around 20 days, and now the panicky part of me is, well panicking.
And I'm flat out nervous. College is scaaary.
And I'm getting my period, I can feel it.

On better news, since he came for a visit, I got to see my brother! And to listen to him talk during the Science Festival about proteins and computer processors and tumors, neat stuff! As usual, we didn't talk all that much, tough we did spend some time together - we went to vsit my sister and her husband, for one, but I don't mind; we never talk much, but that doesn't mean we don't love each other. (you can whine and bitch all you can bro, I know you care). Man, I already miss him. It's easy to get used to him beng so far away, but once he comes back  for summer holidays or christmas in his smart, slightly douchey, but loveable self I really feel sad he's going away.

Also, I read the newest book in the series I like read like and it was slashy. Not as slashy as I would have liked, since the character in question appeared for, like 40 pages? Way to honor the Lucifer himself, Kossakowska - but OH MAN HE'S SO GODDAMN IN LOVE WITH ASMODEUS IS IT CANON YET? NO? HOW ABOUT NOW? ...NOW?
My world will always have a glimmer of sunshine as long as there are sexy, sexy men having FEELING FOR EACH OTHER.
Now that I'm done with objectifcaton: onto the artz!

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13 September 2010 @ 03:08 am
My driving lessons are going pretty well. My teacher didn't even have to hit the brakes for two days in a row!

I was feeling nostalgic for Storm Hawks today. Result: porn.
More things in life should wield such results.

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28 August 2010 @ 06:11 pm
I finally stopped talking about it and actually wrote something! I can't say I feel all that great about the outcome, but oh man. It's the first time I wrote something in years, even if it's just a handful of drabbles.
Starring my superhero team - Kora, Magdalena, Łukasz and Rafał.

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26# you might find this helpful.
42# and 43# are connected.
45# The devil looks like a normal man save for one goat leg, horns and a cow tail.
47# Dytkos are slavic folk creatures; the look like a human head on straw, spider-like legs. I couldn't remember the exact way summoning one went down, unfortunately, but I'm almost sure it indeed was burying a rope at the connection of three roads. You could strike up a deal with them once you summoned them.
They also appeared in vain girls' mirrors if they stared at themselves too long.
I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN WITH INKSCAPE YOU GUYS. It's like a playground to me!

I'e decided to draw more cartoony aliens, because what the hell.
 I made them with 3D in mind - they're geometrical, with rather simple desgns, so maybe I would be able to model these bitches sometime this century (I gave up learning Blender on my own. I am humbly awaiting my 3D classes to start).
Also, I sort of wanted to keep them in a pseudo-50s sci-fi style, because everything is better with 50s hair, but I lost the purpose along the way.

Now, onto character designs, blinding colors and hairstyle woes!Collapse )

You know what, I like my work. It might have something to do with the fact that a) it's not a call center, b )I have a lot of free time and sort of loaf around from time to time, but even when I have work to do, I enjoy it. I get to draw, design, retouch photos, and everyone is vey nice (well duh, I'm their boss' daughter... but I think they would be nice even if i weren't). The more time passes, the better my idea of what to do with myself after high school seems to be.
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19 August 2010 @ 08:22 pm
- I quit my job at Call Center some two weeks ago. Still the tought that I don't work there anymore makes me smile.
- I work at my dad's school, even tough I don't do that much; website backgrounds, small designs etc. I've been attending a computer graphics training every day, since not too many people were interested (suckas), and, tough I know most of what we're supposed to learn here, I've managed to catch quite a few of cute lil' tricks.
- I've also been living on my own for past two weeks, riding a bicycle to work and back, doing my own laundry etc. You know what, I could get used to it.
- And guess what? I really like riding bikes. Huh.

All in all, life's been pretty swell lately (starting with the day I quite the motherfucking Call Center).

And now, VECTORS. We've been learning Inkscape and, sice I always finish waaay ahead of the group (as in... a task that takes ME one minute takes everyone else ten minutes), I have a lot of time to screw around in it.

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04 July 2010 @ 10:58 am
I hate my retarded fucking job.
20 June 2010 @ 05:48 pm
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Looking for a job sucks!
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15 June 2010 @ 03:06 pm
I got accepted into PJWTSK, REJOICE.
07 June 2010 @ 05:39 pm
So I didn't get into the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts; my portfolio was rejected.
At first I was in a bit of a shock; I was actually ashamed to walk with my portfolio down the street, like it was a giant sing of failure. But my dad acted really sweet, showing me he's not angry and taking me out for ice cream. And since wallowing in pain is not in my nature, I instantly started rethinking my other options, then talked about them with him. We both decided I should go to the Polish-Japanese School of Information Techniques; while expensive as fuck (in polish standards, at least), it's worth the price. Now I'm actually glad things turned out that way. On ASP I would be just another hungry ~*artist*~who can never get a job and has their head in the clouds, whereas in the Polish-Japanese school I will actually learn somehting.
My mom acted fine, too - she told me she was only worried that I would feel hurt, but one needs more than rejection from a stuck-up, under-financed school to break my chill. So in the end we're all happy!
I will miss the traditional printing, tough. i will miss it as fuck.

PS. One of my friends, who applied for the same major as me, didn't get through as well, which is bullshit, because she's more talented than me. Another one, who applied for Design, did get through, which is awesome. <3

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